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Hi I'm Izzy,

a nutrition and sport enthusiast

I founded Izzy Nutrition to combine my evidenced based nutrition knowledge with my passion for sport and physical activity. I decided to retrain as a dietitian whilst qualifying as a personal trainer. After becoming a Registered Dietitian I went on to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition. 

I love going out exploring the countryside; cycling along country lanes, running on trails and walks with my family. I have taken part in multiple triathlons as well as completing several marathons. These personal experiences have given me a great understanding of the logistical issues that endurance athletes face when planning their nutritional intake before and during training and events. 

I work for the NHS as a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian and also have experience working with patients with chronic kidney disease and gastrointestinal health issues, including IBS and using the low FODMAP diet.


Please do get in touch if you would like assistance with either sports nutrition or a clinical condition.

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I can work with you to tackle specific areas of your diet.  Such as providing a fueling plan for training and competition or ensuring you are meeting your protein needs or optimising your hydration status.


I can provide individualised reports outlining your specific calorie and macronutrient requirements for each of your training sessions and discuss how to modify your diet to meet these needs. 


I can offer one off consultations to answer specific questions or regular follow ups if you are working towards an event.

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